Commercial AC Replacement

Commercial air conditioning system repairs and replacements are industry-specific. Your dry-cleaning business doesn’t have the same AC requirements as the restaurant next door or the office complex across the street.

JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling offers the most experienced and professional commercial HVAC services to Ohio and Northern Kentucky, and we can take care of all your AC system needs.

Some of the commercial properties we serve include:

  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing/industrial properties
  • Multifamily housing
  • Offices
  • Prisons
  • Recreational facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Server rooms
  • Strip malls

8 Reasons Your Commercial AC Isn’t Cooling Properly

Often your AC system doesn’t have a dramatic breakdown. It just never seems to provide comfortable air conditioning.

Some of the reasons your AC isn’t working “right” include:

  • Blockages – Office furniture gets moved around, and it sometimes blocks vents or registers. Or the person who is always freezing closes the vent intentionally (see: office thermostat wars).
  • Cooling capacity – AC replacement is the best fix for an AC system that can’t keep up with space requirements. If you’ve expanded or have a new business tenant with different HVAC needs, your AC may be undersized. If you have too much cooling for your property, the system may kick on and off erratically. In this case, your AC replacement may need to be smaller.
  • Dirty ducts – Buildups in ductwork can block airflow.
  • Heat – Large appliances and especially electronics generate a lot of heat. Switch to LED lights and turn off unused equipment if possible.
  • Humidity – Spring and summer are humid in our area of the U.S. Older commercial AC systems can’t keep up with the moisture and have difficulty delivering cooler air.
  • Building age – Replacing a commercial AC system is much more affordable than replacing the building. Older buildings “leak” air, and your AC may struggle to keep up.
  • A refrigerant leak or a dirty fan – You need commercial AC maintenance, especially if you’re not ready to replace your older unit. Neglected HVAC systems accumulate grime and develop corrosion.
  • Sun – Sunshine could be straining your AC unit. Consider shades or blinds.

There are several DIY ways to keep cool and save energy. But when you need AC replacement, JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling will explain which system will work best for your commercial property. Call 513-574-4000 or contact JM Mechanical with questions about commercial AC replacement.

Why You Need Commercial AC Replacement

Your commercial AC maintenance plan will include:

  • Balancing airflow
  • Changing air filters
  • Checking refrigerant
  • Cleaning condensate drains, evaporators, condensers
  • Inspecting HVAC supply electrical systems

But even with diligent maintenance, there comes a time when it’s necessary to replace your AC system. If your system can be repaired and deliver good service for the long term, that’s what we’ll recommend.

Some of the repair vs. replacement considerations for your commercial AC system are:

  • Age – Commercial HVAC systems have roughly a 15-year life span. A well-maintained system can last longer. As commercial systems get older, operating costs increase. If your AC system is older than 10 years, replacement may be the best option.
  • Prior repairs/expenses – If you’ve already had one or more repairs this year, it’s time to replace your commercial AC system. Here’s a formula: If the repair cost is 50% or more of the replacement cost, you should probably replace the unit. Your ROI may be substantial with your new system’s lower energy costs.
  • Technology – Technological advances make heating and cooling easier and more efficient than ever before. We use thermal imaging to locate air loss zones. And you can install zoned air conditioning. What about ductless heating and cooling? Our team receives continuing education so we can explain newer commercial AC choices.

Call 513-574-4000 or contact JM Mechanical to discuss commercial AC repair or replacement. Like you, were in business for the long haul, so it just makes sense to deliver the best heating and cooling commercial solutions.

New Commercial AC Installations

When you install a new commercial AC system, it’s important to choose a system that meets your building’s needs. HVAC system sizes are measured in tons, and the tons aren’t about weight. “Tons” measure the unit’s ability to heat or cool. One ton will yield 12,000 BTUs (British thermal units) per hour. Household HVAC units are one to five tons, so any larger AC system is considered “commercial.”

The DOE (Department of Energy) recommends:

  • 0.0016 tons of AC per square foot
  • 20 BTU for each square foot

Here’s another way to calculate what size commercial AC system you need (and this is a best-guess only):

Square footage x 25 ÷ 12,000 – 0.5 = tons needed

Types of Commercial AC Installations

We recommend the type of commercial AC system that would work best for you based on your property’s:

  • Budget for new HVAC installation
  • Architectural requirements and your desired energy efficiency
  • Location
  • Number of levels/stories
  • Size in square feet

How your commercial property will be used is another factor. A building of only offices or a building of offices, boutique shops, a pharmacy, and a small public gym – all in one building – will have different requirements than an apartment complex or a healthcare facility. Together, we’ll determine what’s best.

Single-split systems
  • Advantage: Most affordable
  • Allow for individual control of each space
  • Best for smaller commercial buildings
  • Disadvantage: Need an outdoor unit for each separately controlled space
Multi/mini-split systems
  • Advantage: Can connect up to nine units to one outdoor unit
  • Disadvantage: Require more installation time
  • Detect temperature changes through heat sensors
  • Increase energy efficiency
VRF (variable refrigerant flow)/VRV (variable refrigerant volume)
  • Advantage: Can provide heating and cooling to different areas at the same time
  • Best for larger, mixed-use commercial buildings
  • Better for large, open areas
  • Disadvantage: Cost; potentially problematic humidity management
  • Fit in “architecturally challenging” spaces

Business-to-business partnerships benefit you, JM Mechanical, and our respective communities. Let’s work together to determine the best commercial AC system while staying within your budget and timeframe. Call 513-574-4000 or contact us with any questions about commercial HVAC and air conditioning systems.

We’re Your Commercial AC Partner

JM Mechanical professionals believe business-to-business support benefits our community as well as our companies. That’s why we will partner with you to find the best solution when you need AC replacement.

We understand your priorities:

  • Clean air for public health and safety
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Turnaround time

Here in Ohio and Kentucky, summer days can get uncomfortably warm. An air conditioning failure on a hot summer day is bad for business!

If your AC system needs replacement, JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling delivers superior, affordable service. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we offer favorable financing options for your company. Call 513-574-4000 or contact JM Mechanical to learn more.

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Fantastic service! From the staff I spoke with the two service and installation technicians, all were very informative and professional. I highly recommend JM Mechanical Heating and Cooling. I plan to utilize their services in the future for my semi- annual HVAC check-up!

Sandy G.

I was impressed by their level of customer service, and they really care about customer satisfaction. The office staff are very friendly, and they follow-up to be sure everything went as expected, and really want to help if there were any issues. Brandon is exceptional, takes the time to explain what is going on and really seems to care about his customers. A+ experience.


The woman who answered the phone was very helpful and professional and she immediately gave me available times and fortunately Jason was able to come on site today, detect the problem and I ended up needing a brand new water heater after mine had been over 12 years old. Jason was incredibly professional, courteous, fast, and respectful of my home. I highly recommend JM to anyone and if I ever have trouble again they will be my FIRST call! Thank you for the exceptional service!!

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JM Mechanical services all 20+ locations, of our company, and we are very happy with the technicians and the very prompt response time. The customer service of Josh, Brandon and Jason has been excellent.

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Amazing service! Friendly is an understatement, they even entertained our German Shepherd by playing fetch with him. Very knowledgeable and efficient as well. You can tell they love their work and they know how to do it. Highly recommend!!

Crissy B.

Excellent service from administration to service. JM Mechanical conducts business in an honest and ethical manner at an affordable price. Service is also extremely timely. James H. has installed both a water heater and furnace at my home in the last 6 weeks. James is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and a pleasure to do business with; I am very pleased with both jobs. Thank you JM Mechanical; I greatly appreciate your reliability, quality and integrity.

Brian L.

James H. and Jeff F. were prompt as per usual this morning and gave prior notification via text messaging that they were on their way. We have nothing but nice things to say about this company. They are always clear and concise on the course of action necessary to fix the problem. Every time we have used J.M. Mechanical we have been treated with the utmost respect and have never talked down to us like some other companies have done. They installed a new heat pump for us today and we couldn’t be happier with the results. They were fast and efficient in every way and we will continue to use them on any of our future needs.

Dennis M.

Always great customer service and incredibly fast service from JM Mechanical! Plus, their repairs and replacements for our apartment rentals have always been top notch. Myself and my family would gladly recommend them to anybody!

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By far the best HVAC company that I have ever dealt with. Extremely professional and they do excellent work! I use them for both my home and business.

Mo Halpin
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