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Time to Replacing Your Furnace?

Furnace Repair

Replacing Your Furnace

Time to Replace your Furnace and upgrade to a more efficient heating system?

Furnace Replacement CincinnatiWe recommend contacting JM Mechanical to discuss our furnace replacement services to help make the entire process easier! Your home is in good hands when you trust your heating and cooling system to our local West Chester Ohio HVAC repair experts.

You can count on us for equipment retrofitting and new Tempstar Furnace unit installation. We also work with new home builders to install HVAC systems designed to work well with the home’s layout and square footage. It is important to have the "Right Size" HVAC Unit in your home.  To ensure this, we carefully calculate the number of BTU’s necessary to properly heat your home.

High Efficiency HVAC Systems

A highly-efficient furnace will certainly pay for itself in energy savings over time in decreased heating bills, but you may still need some to consider financing options to off-set the initial investment in a new heating system. At JM Mechanical, we offer flexible financing options with approved credit for your home improvement.

High Efficient Furnace Installation Cost

A high efficient furnace installed by JM Mechanical starts at $2,880.00 or $48 per month with 0% APR Financing* for basic installation. Basic installation includes necessary sheet metal, venting, electric, and drain lines needed for proper operation. Call 513-574-4000 today to have a comfort adviser verify your installation cost. 

Furnace Replacement Cost

There are many different aspect to a furnace replacement that can change the installation price. Here at JM Mechanical, we have a very organized approach to replacing a furnace that we have menu style pricing for like for like replacements. Like for like means we are installing the same or very similar style furnace as the existing furnace. We can always make upgrades of course but these upgrade may slightly raise the installation price. This is why our comfort adviser needs to verify installation price prior to installation. We have four popular models of Tempstar high efficient furnaces. Lets take a look at four different models and the installation price for each model. 

Model N9MSB: This is a 92% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) single stage gas furnace with a PSC blower motor. This is the starting point for the high efficient furnaces. This furnace has a 10 year part warranty with timely registration. This furnace installation starts at $2,880.00 or $48 per month with 0% APR Financing*.  

Model F9MXE: This is a 96% AFUE single stage gas furnace with a ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) variable speed motor. This is a step up from the N9MSB and saves more energy on electrical consumption with the ECM blower motor. This furnace has a full ten year part warranty to the original purchaser with timely registration. This furnace installed starts at $4,378.00 or $73 per month with 0% APR Financing*. 

Model F9MVE: This is a 96% AFUE two stage variable speed gas furnace. This has the above mentioned ECM blower motor but also has a two stage gas valve. This two stage operation allows the furnace to be properly size most of the time. In mild weather the furnace runs on first stage which will provide the right amount of heat needed and will run longer cycles. The longer run cycles allow the furnace to run long enough to filter the air and humidify the air. This model comes with the same ten year part warranty but also has a 10 year no hassle warranty. Which means if you have heat exchanger failure in first ten years the entire furnace will be replaced. This model starts at $4,677.00 or $80 per month with 0% APR Financing*. 

Model F9MAE: This is a 98% AFUE modulating gas furnace with a variable speed ECM blower motor, variable speed inducer motor, and modulating gas valve that operates from 40% to 100% capacity. This wide range of operation delivers ultimate levels of comfort and even temperatures since it constantly adjust to deliver just the right amount of heat.  As a modulating furnace, it operates at lower stages most of the time to save energy, smoothly ramping up the heat as temperatures drop. This also comes with a 10 year part warranty, ten year no hassle warranty and a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. This furnace provides the best comfort with the lowest operating cost. This furnace installed starts at $5,306.00 or $85 per month with 0% APR Financing*.

Call 513-574-4000 today to have a Comfort Adviser confirm your installation cost. 

Always a FreeQuote

One of our experienced and local HVAC technicians will take a look at your current furnace, along with the setup of your residential and commercial space, discuss with you any specific situations or obstacles, and provide options that best fit for your furnace replacement system needs. At JM Mechanical, we value effective, honest communication with all our clients! 

We invite you to contact our highly trained HVAC Furnace Technicians at 513-574-4000 or email us for a free quote. We take great pride in satisfying the needs of all our customers! 

*All financing offers through the Tempstar® credit card are subject to credit approval by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., or its applicable affiliate that administers the credit card program, none of which are affiliated with J.M. Mechanical LLC. Additional conditions may apply.